Tuesday, October 7, 2014


My heart just pulled me this morning to read my bible rather than anything else. I know to some of you that is normal, it isn't for me. Just want to journal a few things that hit me. 

1:10~I want to be pleasing to Christ in all I do. I want to serve Him. Of course I want to serve and please my loved ones but not to the point of compromising what Christ wants from me. 

1:24~God has His way of changing our hearts the closer we walk with Him. My hearts desire is for all to love Him. Compliments are nice such as, "that's a pretty dress, that cake was good", but the best compliment ever would be that someone saw Him in me!  The verse says they praised God because of Me. That sentence amazes me. 

2:6~I have to remember we were all created by the same creator. I shouldn't treat anyone more importantly than another. God sees our heart, that is what matters to Him. 

2:21~Christ died for me!!  There is nothing I can do to earn my way to heaven. It is all about His grace. The blood he shed for me, even when he knew what a mess I would be. Think on that. Christ knew me before I was placed in my mothers womb, He knew me...all of me, and he gave His life's blood for me. He knew I would fall, He knew I would try to run from Him,  He knew. Yet He loves me. You can substitute all the "me's" with "you". There is no one He created that He didn't sacrifice Himself for. Praise God!  

3:6~That speaks completely for itself. 

4:9~We stumble, we sin. I do not want to continue to be enslaved by that. I do not want to go back. 

4:15~I have lost my joy. Thank God, I have it again. I think trials of this world can make us stronger. Mine eventually did, but to begin with I handled things wrong, leaving me with no Joy. I pray I never feel that way again. 

6:9-10~Do good. Isn't that a lot easier said than done. I do believe with the Holy Spirit's presence that doing good becomes much easier and more possible. It also gives us the desire to do good. 

6:14~There is nothing I can do on my own that will have any importance. It is only the things I do for Christ that have value. Even those things I can't boast of because it is by/through Him that anything is possible. 

This will just be a way for me to reflect on what I read. I look forward to the next time I read this book and seeing what strikes me then as opposed to now. 

He loves me....it never gets old. 

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