Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Realizing I spend too much time facebooking....I think I am going to attempt the blog thing again. Hang with me while I attempt to make it a routine for me again. I don't think I will start doing this from my phone, which should make my battery should last longer between charges. Facebook had been draining that sucker! Not saying I am off facebook forever, just taking a little break like I do from time to time.

Considering how long it's been since I blogged there is lots of information I haven't shared, I am sure.

Mallory moved out and has moved back she was gone around 9 months. Having her move back in the house is still a transistion. I love that everyone is back under one roof. We know as females that we need "me" time. The more people in one house the less "me" time I experience.

Jacey is working on her senior year. I am not one to "wish my life away" but I can't wait until that graduation ceremony to take place. Jacoby is doing great. He continues to amaze us everyday. I am sure if he had been born on time and average weight he would amaze us just the same. They call them GRANDchildren for a reason.

LexyLane is in 6th grade and has the typical pre-teen attitude blossoming. I can't say that I am a huge fan of that. Sometimes she says or does something, and I catch myself shaking my head and saying to myself "ding ding round 3".

I have so many ideas going through my head to post, but for now I need to get lunch ready for some littles. The calm time here is few and far between.

Well would you just look at that, I did a blog post in just a few minutes. If I were on facebook, it would have easily milked 30 minutes out of my morning.

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