Friday, August 27, 2010

Jacoby's grand entrance

I said that I would give you the story of Jacoby's arrival. First let me tell you how his name is pronounced, it sounds like Ja Kobe, not Jacob with a y. Anyway, now you know.

As you may know our kids went back to school on August 3rd. Jacey came home that afternoon, dragging. She was complaining that her back was hurting. Me being the very uncompassionate mother that I am said, "you laid around all summer, sitting in those desks will kick your fanny". It was a Tuesday so she was able to lay around and rest that evening. Again Wednesday morning, complaining that her back was hurting. Again I am unsympathetic. I mean REALLY, she isn't the only person to ever be pregnant! Wednesday afternoon she looked like she had about had it. She said there weren't enough desks in chemistry so she had to sit on a stool the entire class. I told her to not do that again, she needs support for her back. We get ready and go to church. When we were having dinner I looked across the fellowship hall at Jacey. She was propped on the table looking miserable. I told my friend that Jacey would have to quit working because I didn't see how she could handle school, work and pregnancy. At this point I am feeling really bad for her, because I can see how bad she is feeling. We go do our classes at church and come home. I immediately come in and start mopping. Jacey comes to me and says that she is bleeding. I wasn't alarmed, due to the fact that I spotted during my pregnancy with her. I told her to call her doctor. As I walk into her room, I hear her doctor ask if she is having contractions. Until that point early labor had not crossed my mind. She tells him she doesn't know what they feel like, so he describes them and she says then yes she is having them. At that moment my legs turned to jello. We go to the ER. Then to the monitors and all that jazz. She is dilated to a 4. Her doctor comes in and says that the baby will be born within the next 24 hours. At that point I fall to pieces. And all the words I had said about her back hurting were running through my head. And all the guilt that goes with that. Her Dr. says that she has to be transported to either Cobb or Columbus. Since Carrollton doesn't have a NICU to take care of a baby born 13 weeks early. I pray for Cobb. They tell me I can't ride in the ambulance with her. This is hard for any mother, especially the mother of a 16 year old. Then again God showed up. Cobb could take her, my brother was off and came to the hospital when I called him. The ambulance arrives and is ready. My brother tells the other paramedics he is driving her. An old friend heard Jacey was at the hospital and came in to be the nurse to ride to Cobb with her rather than the nurse who was planning to ride. Jacey is strapped down on the stretcher, I am getting things ready to go and my brother says come on you ride up front with me. RELIEF! She was perfectly fine the whole ride over, but I would have went insane in our car trying to get to the hospital.

Arrival at Cobb. The mid wife seemed to think they could keep Jacoby inside for about 3 weeks. She said her being dilated to a 4 was no real big deal. They would keep Jacey from delivering. I felt that they had seen this tons of times before and thought, we will be here for a long long time. We are all exhausted (expecially Jacey). I left to come home to pack up the things we would be needing. I left Brant and Hunter with her. I guess I got home around 3 am. I had decided to take LexyLane to school and then go back to the hospital. I laid down to sleep. At about 4 Brant called me and said she was dilated to a 10 the medicine hadn't stopped the labor process. He said she would be delivering soon. I jump in the shower in an attempt to wake me up before my hour drive. With a wet head I am back on the road.

Jacey delivered a ray of sunshine at 10:46 a.m. He was 2lbs 12ozs. 15 3/4in long. He came into this world screaming. Perfect in appearance, just incredibly small. The doctors and nurses have been very impressed with the little fighter. We have been just as impressed. I have also been amazed with my beautiful daughter. She was in labor 2 days! She never one time complained other than the discomfort. When the contractions were hitting her the hardest she just grabbed the rail of the bed and grimmaced her face. I said baby you can scream if it will help your feelings. That girl is incredibly strong!

I had ask what caused early delivery. I was told that sometimes we never know. Apparently they test the placenta to try to determine the cause. When Jacoby was born, I heard the doctor say no need to send the placenta. The nurse ask why. He said that Jacey's placenta had began detaching there was a blood clot formed. Now looking back, now that I have caught my breath. I realize that Jacoby coming early could have very well saved my daughters life. We have babies everyday and with little regard to the danger. In these days and times we rarely hear about a mother not surviving. So with all of God's showing off, I am very thankful that I have a perfectly healthy daughter and a grand son who is fighting as hard as he can to be home with his mommie. Until then we wait patiently.

Jacey returned to school one week after Jacoby was born and to work 2 weeks after. She is tired, but she realizes her responsibilities. She does all this and visits Jacoby everyday. She missed last Thursday and Friday due to work. She went last night late and will not be able to go tonight because of work. I know that the long drive is tiring for her, but she wants to see him everyday possible, and what mother doesn't want to see their babies everyday.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jacey and her little man

I know I have been horrible at blogging for a long time. Here is hoping I can improve. But between school for me and my kids, working everyday, a precious new grandson who is still in the hospital an hour away.....I just haven't made time to do it. Give me time to get things more settled and calm....bahaha....well let me get some sort of routine, and I will be back. Until then look at my gorgeous little mama. I will have to post more pictures of Jacoby and more stories later. For now there are snacks to fix, babies to feed, homework to finish, dinner to cook and so on and so understand.