Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bullet point post

Since it has been so long since I have blogged, there are many areas to cover. What better way than to use the bullet points, here goes....

*Brant-His work has gotten very slow. I actually don't remember the last time he worked a 5 day week. It was pretty nice having him around at the end of the school year. He was able to attend most of the activities at school with me. But I would be lying if I said it doesn't make me nervous. Between me having no children to watch and him working less and tends to worry. I get out the checkbook and the bills and sometimes just stare blankly is that going to work?? Then I remember that God provides food for the birds. Then I stop worrying. So far it always works out. That, I am thankful for. I can't help think even in times like these, we are blessed. We may never know why God has chosen to let us spend so much time together, but I am enjoying it. I do pray that his work improves as well as the many many others who are suffering through this tough economy.

*Mallory-She is still working and going to school. The girl has a plan and a time in which she plans to complete her plan. So in doing this it requires that she go to school all summer. Because of this choice she has made, she will not be able to go on vacation with us this year. I am SAD about that. She instead will be able to get away a few days with friends later in the summer. I am sure being an 18 year old this will be the much more enjoyable choice for HER, not so much her mom. Like I said last year, I knew these times were coming. That is why I spent last summer drinking her in every opportunity I could.

*Jacey-She is doing well, beginning to show a little. She has her job that she HATES, not that there is a problem at her work place, it is the fact that the girl HATES working. She will be going on vacation with us this summer. She made sure she ask off tonight when she worked. She can't wait! She plans to be able to find out the sex of the baby next month. Here is hoping that he/she is cooperative with that process. I never found out what my babies were....I felt like there weren't enough surprises left in life, so I wanted to wait for that surprise. I am glad I did. But now I am so excited to find out what hers is. It is funny how when something is going on in your own family you start noticing every one else. I don't see a stroller that I don't talk to the baby. I notice babies everywhere. So I guess you could say I am getting ready to be Grandma, Grammy, who ever the baby calls me.

*LexyLane-She is doing her normal summer routine already. Almost one week into summer and she hasn't missed a beat. She either has on her pj's or her swim suit. I honestly don't know why I would spend money on her any summer clothes. She is a complete fish. She could swim 24/7. So that is what we have already been doing alot of. We have several friends and family members with pools. So when we wear out our welcome one place, we will find the next one to go to. She won a basketball camp back in the winter and will be attending in June. It is a day camp in Atlanta. She will stay with Brant's aunt that week since she lives near the college she will be going to. She is SO excited. She isn't nervous at all about going and not knowing anyone there. She is such a unique kid. I can already feel the dark depression coming on with her not home. I may go stay with her...HAHA, just joking. I can do this, I can do this....if I say it over and over will it make it true?

*ME-I am registered for my classes. I think they start July 8th. Right now they are online classes. These are classes that I have to take to get my daycare license. I am thinking when I finish this, I may find another area and just continue going for a while. I am pretty excited about using my brain again.
I have a parent meeting next week, and should start keeping that child around the first of July. I already have another one signed up for August and of course J's baby coming in the fall. I of course would like to have 3 more, but God will only send what he knows is best for me. This past year has been the most upside down year that I can ever remember. I am so THANKFUL things are getting back to normal. This time with no little ones has really made me realize how much I love what I do. I love those kiddos that I care for on a daily basis like I love my own kids. And with each one that I have lost this year, if feels like little holes in my heart. And I have lost kids from all types of reasons. And I have to admit the last one has almost killed me. My world revolved around him, especially since he was the only one. Whatever he wanted to do, is exactly what we would do that day. But his mom wanted him to have playmates. I guess I can understand.....but I have missed him so bad.
Vacation is coming soon. We are going to Panama City Beach again this year. I can almost taste me some Sharky's. We got a great deal on a condo through We have 8 nights for under 900.00. Then when vacation is over I hope that our work routines get more back to normal.
*I am sure I have so much more to share but my brain just went blank. Maybe I will get back on here before another month passes.