Monday, April 12, 2010

Much anticipated pictures....not!

As you can see in the top wonderful trim job that matched the walls. Let me remind you again....mistake! Below is the after picture with the beige with white trim. I know, it is kind of boring. After such wild colors and chaos in that room, I am pretty ready for boring. The tables were my parents. Everyone in the family says those are ugly don't use those. I am not sentimental, but practical. While they may not be the prettiest. They have some awesome big deep drawers. I love drawers and cabinets...does that make me weird? Anyway to keep from buying new, use the old. Especially since I like the old. I may be the only one who lives here who likes them, but oh well. Wouldn't Dave Ramsey be proud? Now to just accessorize the room. That I am not in a big hurry for either. Like I said ready for boring. It has been full of toys and noise for so long. I think I will just enjoy the fresh coat of paint until I am inspired to do something different. I know I would like to have some lamps on those tables, but those will have to wait. If only I hadn't given my parents lamps to Goodwill. Now those could have been called ugly by my kids! Trust me, if I still had them, I would be using them.
I started painting the playroom Tuesday. I finished it last night. I think this is the 3rd time it has been painted in 8 years. I am hoping I don't get the wild hair to do that room again anytime soon. I had painted it first with one green wall and the rest were blue. Then with kids in and out constantly you can imagine what the walls look like over time. So I repainted the same color later. Only the second time I painted, I was too lazy to do the trim in white. So I just painted the trim the same color as the wall (mistake). It took me forever to get that blasted trim back to white. So now my playroom that is being converted into a den is boring beige with white trim. It actually looks like an adult room. Now to just get it put back together....sigh.

We walked every evening last week until Friday. I voted that Friday was recess day. So on recess day we eat cake too. I baked a caramel cake...yum. The only problem with that is that today is Monday and recess day has passed and there is still half of a cake in my kitchen. I will not rest until that pan is empty! And you know how it gets empty....everytime I walk through the kitchen I just take a bite....all day. Lets see how many hours of walking will be required to get all that off?? Maybe I should throw it out....HAHA not going to happen.

Saturday Brant and I went to the Kirk Cameron marriage conference. We loved it. He in just too funny, then he can be so serious. Said alot of things we already knew....but forget to practice sometimes. We went with a group from another church and had a blast with them. So all in all, it was a good week last week,and a great weekend. I think the weather being so nice helps with all that too. I am looking forward to this week and seeing what it holds. If I remember I will post a picture of the room before painting and after. But that is IF I remember...we know how my memory is.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So the allergies never let up on Friday. So guess who got my ticket? That's right...LexyLane! She had a blast. I guess it isn't so bad, I got to enjoy her for a few days at the beach and he got her for a game. She was the center of our world when we just had her to ourselves. That is always nice. She loved the game. Her school chorus will be singing at the Rome Braves game in a few weeks, so she is really pumped about that, after the Atlanta Braves.

We had a nice Easter around here. The only downside was that Jacey had to work. She gets to go to church with us on Sunday, just leave a little early to make it to work on time. I am still thankful that she has a job. I just hope that the value of a dollar registers with her soon. But that is wishful thinking I am sure. I have no idea how Mallory has been so frugal. Jacey is just like me. If we have 5 dollars to our name we will try our best to spend 8. Mallory if she has 5 dollars she will hold onto it until she has like 25 and can afford to let go of 5. But back to Easter....we had lunch at Brant's moms. Then the little ones did an egg hunt. I ask LexyLane before we went if she would be hunting eggs. No, mom...of course she did hunt eggs...but I am betting this is the last year for that. Sad how time flies. After all that Brant, Mallory, Justin and me went riding in the jeep. It couldn't have been a more perfect day in GA!

I now have no kiddos to keep. Wow how things change in the matter of a few months. So the question I get a job outside of the house? Or do I pinch pennies here and wait for Jacey's baby to get here and just keep it and whoever else calls between now and then? Funny how when things are running smoothly it can change in the blink of an eye. All that is just a story that would feel like reading a novel if I went into all of it. Just know that I miss all of my little kiddos and am not a big fan of whoever thought they needed to get into my and others in towns business. I mean really, do we all not have enough going on in our own households! I will stay out of your business....STAY OUT OF MINE!!! Any way now that I have vented.

Now that I am here alone I have TOO much time on my hands. Today I am going to paint the playroom, and make it a den. I will probably have pictures to bore you with.

Oh and I think this week officially marks the start of walking regularly again. Just to work into a jog faster than last year. I can get so aggrivated with myself for taking such a long break 4 months. In 4 months your body can really betray you! The jeans aren't working quiet as well as they were 4 months ago. But that is going to change....I am sure of it....I think??

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We all probably consider trips from time to time and don't follow through. Or maybe that is just me. I am queen of thinking something is a good idea until the time comes then I start thinking....nah, I think I will just stay home. Well my cousin Mary Ellen and I had been talking about going to the beach on spring break. I promised myself years ago to NEVER do that again. It is just too cold still on spring break to have on a swim suit. If you know me, you know I have been dying to sink my toes in some sand. So the time came and we really followed through with the trip. Let me back up...Mary Ellen was out of work on Friday before spring break began with the swine flu. But us being crazy women, we loaded up and headed to Florida in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday. I felt like I had been attacked by some pollen the whole ride down. Sore throat, stopped up know, typical allergy season. The people on the trip were me, LexyLane, Mary Ellen, her 3 daughters, one of Sophie's friends and her mom. As with most trips that involve multiple females it didn't come without drama. Won't go into that, just know if you are female, you know there was drama. We stayed 2 nights had planned to be there 3. I am a home body....I love the beach, but in very small doses. I was so ready to get home, I couldn't stand it on Thursday morning. We did leave a little earlier than planned maybe 12 hours early and most of those hours would have only been spent sleeping, so it is all good.
I enjoyed being able to spend that time with just me and LexyLane. I only regret never doing that with each of the other 2 girls. When they were little it was never me and just one, I always seemed to have them both. But easy it is to just go somewhere and take one child. She never complained, never argued, she was the perfect child (can you tell I am her mom).
So we are home, the 2 sick women who left town for a short get away. Mary Ellen went to the doctor this morning and got 2 shots. I have laid in bed all far. Just took some good drugs and hope to sleep for a few hours and be able to breathe and not cough my head off when I wake up. Brant and I are going to the Braves game bring on some baseball stadium food....woo hoo. I am not a big fan of baseball, would rather watch a basketball game anyday. But I will go on a date with my man and let him watch the game while I watch people. I am looking forward to it, I just hope to feel human while I am know I will let you all know.