Monday, March 22, 2010

Not much going on here.

Today has been a rainy, snowy, yucky Monday.  Need I remind you that just Friday and Saturday Georgia saw some great days?  Mother nature and her sense of humor!  So I am wondering if I will ever be able to get started back walking outside.  I love to walk in town and look at houses and talk while I walk.  But last year we mostly went to the high school track.  It gets the job done but round round and round can get boring.  When the weather gets warmer it starts being pretty fun to go there too.  There will be lots of people there so if you get bored with one person you can find another walking partner.  I can never keep up with Brant.  Once he starts running he is a power house.  We just have to get back that dedication.  By the time we stopped walking/running in November I just had gotten where I could run one lap without stopping, which is 1/4 of a mile….pitiful I know, but I was proud.  Brant on the other hand can pretty much run 5 miles.  So he is constantly lapping me.  So tonight with this slop…I am going to try my best to force myself to get on that horrid treadmill.  Friday and Saturday has finally kicked me into the vacation mindset.  So with that in mind gotta get to walking again! 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Haralson County Relay for Life

Team Twilight from 2009 Relay for Life they raised almost 4000.00 last year for the fight against cancer. Please help them meet their goal this year.

Again this year Mallory has a team of her friends raising money for the HC Relay for Life. Last year if you remember they were Team Twilight, this year they are Team Tink...they are all about being princesses. They will be sporting Tinkerbell shirts and tiara's. I am not sure how Mallory's boyfriend will feel about the tiara. If you would like to donate to this incredible cause please click on the link above. Remember that this isn't for Mallory it is for the fight against cancer. If cancer has had an impact on your life you can appreciate what these kids are doing. If cancer has never touched your life more than likely it will in some way. I realize that Relay for Life has their walks in your towns. So give your support to Mallory's team by clicking the link above or give your donation to your local Relay for Life. I hope one day we see the cure for cancer...until then lets help those who need it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Some things just have to be told.

Ok ok...I haven't been the best mommie to LexyLane. When Mallory and Jacey were little I worked at the bank near their school. So I would periodically go have lunch with them. I went to EVERY special occasion at the school. I was an A+ mom back then. Then I had LexyLane, still great mom to M and J. I took LL to everything at the school. By the time LL got into school I was a stay home mom and I babysat. So going to school functions with her became more difficult. It isn't really much fun to go and have to lug 5 or 6 kids with you. So the small stuff like and random lunch or monthly awards days....I missed. She has gotten pretty used to me not being around. If Brant is ever off, he will normally try to have lunch with her. So of course he is the "best parent." Anyway, babysitting is almost non-existent now. I have one little boy that I watch 3 days a week. Which means....Mondays and Fridays are my play days. My me days, my do whatever I want to do days...blah blah blah. So Wednesday night Brant realized that Friday would be one of those blessed days. So he asks LL, "do you want mama to come eat with you Friday?" As I am rolling my eyes at him....I mean I don't even know what is on the menu. The only times I would eat with the other two was when it was peanut butter sandwich and veggie soup day. There is no better peanut butter sandwich than a school one....anywho....I wanted to smack him, but I just smiled as LL said yes. So this morning she reminds me of my obligation. At lunch I went to eat with my baby girl. Who is all smiles because I am there....I have missed so much by having a house full of everyone else's children. Lunch was pizza and a sad excuse for salad. I just sat with her while she ate.

Anyway the all important thing that I have to say. The sweet lunchroom monitor lady...whatever her title is....walked over to the table and ask LL who I was. She proudly says her mama. The sweet sweet (apparently blind lady) looks at me and says there is no way you are old enough to have a child this old (10). I smile so big (lunch just turned great). Then my sweet girl pipes up...she has one 16 and one 18. The lady looks shocked...haha! These are the priceless moments that one lives for. So glad that I got to visit with LexyLane and make her day happy, and so glad that sweet sweet (blind) lady petted my ego a little bit. I am posting a picture of today...sorry it is blurry, LL's friend took it for us. But as you can see....I definitely look old enough to have an 18 year old....bless her sweet heart for making my day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally finished LL's room

I know you have all been waiting with much anticipation to see how LexyLane's room turned out. Well below are the pictures. My out door trash can is full. 3 bags ready for good will. 2 bags ready to "hide" just to make sure I didn't remove something that she will miss terribly. Her walls still have her posters hung (just the way she likes them, along with her bulletin board). I never let the other 2 hang stuff all over their walls. I never let the other 2 eat in their rooms, I never let the other 2 do arts and crafts in their room (such as pants, markers, play-doh). I guess that is the benefit of being the baby. We lived in a much older house when the other 2 were little, but they had their rules. Then we move in here to a new house with new everything. I let my 2 year old (then) do whatever she pleased in her room. HUM maybe that is why her room ends up in the shape it does?? I noticed the back of her door has new marks (crayons, markers) that I didn't notice last time, when I noticed marks on her wall. She wants her room painted and new bedding. Hum...I don't think so. Especially when on her Hannah Montana comforter, that she had had less than a year.....I noticed holes. I thought, weird...maybe it is from the shiny paint stuff on it. NOPE it was from a crafty 8 year old (at the time) with her scissors. I tell her when she can take care of her things she will get new things. She may still be using Hannah Montana when she is 20! Funny thing is, she HATES pink. Maybe if she wants a change....she should listen to her mother...ya think?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

LexyLane's cave

Ok ok I know I am overloading you. But I have to show you just how bad things have gotten. But please remember this room belongs to 10 year old who loves to hibernate in her own little cave. She was such a neat freak baby....where did she go? My goal tonight or over the weekend is to do a major shoveling out of her room. Can she come stay with you while I do? Because everything is her "favorite." In fact when I last "shoveled" out her room, she never missed a thing. So here it is. Thankfully this is the ONLY room in the house that looks this bad.

Making myself accountable

Sorry to load you down on my first day back with so much to read, but you know I will probably go days or weeks between posts sometimes.

First, I have let so much go in the past several months. It is time to tighten the reigns and get things back together. First is Brant and I haven't walked or jogged since November. Please Lord, bring on spring. Cindy's waist line has suffered these past few months! And you probably know that I love Dave Ramsey. Dave on the other hand would probably not be happy if he knew we just purchased a jeep. But the debt diet and for real diet are topics for another day. Number 3 of the things let go has been my house. I think it is this cold dark weather. Who wants to clean? So I have closets, drawers, cabinets and so much more that need a major over haul. So you my bloggy peeps get to witness this. HA HA, if I actually do it. If I fail....I just won't post. Then you will know too.

Ahem....first order of business. Got started back on my fly lady this morning I love her! I have just wanted to push her off a cliff from time to time. So I am really trying to fall back in love with her. So first baby step first...above you see the after picture and then the before picture. I don't know why it uploaded like just with it...LOL The before picture is what I normally see in the mornings. The dishes are washed...just NEVER put away. So the after picture is my goal from now on. Not only to get them washed but to make that area look better to wake up to. That will probably just make me smile inside to walk into a not just cleaned up kitchen but a kitchen with everything put away. I will let you know if that works or not.


This is our Jacey in the green shirt. She and a friend were having to do a project for school, so that is the reason for these photos. Normally Jacey avoids the camera. So I am glad her teacher made her do this, now you can see how beautiful she is. I looked at the pictures and thought they were really pretty of her, so decided to use these to share about her. Jacey is our middle daughter she is 16. Two weeks ago today she told us that we are going to be grandparents. Now while this isn't what I had planned for her, it doesn't change how we feel about her. She is our daughter and we love and adore her. She is a great girl who will just become a mother before we ever thought she would. If you know Jacey, you know how much she loves. She loves the elderly, she loves animals, and she loves children. She has always had an overdose of compassion for these. I have no doubt that she will be a great mother. She just has a hard path ahead of her. She has 2 more years of high school left. The plan as it stands now is for her to continue living with us and finish school. Her boyfriend is in college and will be a part of the babies life. They are not getting married at this time. In a perfect world they will get married a few years down the road, when they are better able to provide for themselves. But we all know the world isn't perfect, so we will just have to wait and see what the future holds. Right now what we are doing as a family is recognizing the fact that we have a little one who will join us sometime near Halloween. We will love and take care of Jacey to the best of our abilities, and when the little miracle gets here we will just have another person to share that love and care with. Some have made comments that we are "excied about Jacey being pregnant." Don't you love how people have nothing better to do that worry about your life! So to clarify that comment. We are NOT excited that our 16 year old is pregnant and that her life has just taken a dramatic change. However we are excited that our daughter is a great girl. We are excited about meeting that bundle of joy. We are excited about watching our daughter becoming a mother, regardless of her age. We can not change what is. She is going to have a baby regardless of how we respond. If we rant, rave, cry does not change what is. If we love her unconditionally (which parents do) she will always remember that. We all have goals in our minds for our children. I still see no reason why she can't achieve those goals. She just may be a bit slower at it. She is a fortunate girl, in she has a family who loves her to pieces (immediate and extended) and a church family who loves and supports her. She has a warm bed to sleep in at night and the security of knowing we are here for her. We have all stood in judgement of people at one time or another. It has taken me alot of years to learn this statement that my friend has always said, "choose your words sweet as you never know which ones you will eat." Circumstances over the past few years have humbled me. And I realize that none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. Some are more visible than others. Who am I to judge anyone. We are all in this rat race together.

Anyway this is my most current Jacey story. I am sure I will have many more to come. As many more Mallory and LexyLane stories also.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Maybe blogging again??

I have taken a nice long bloggy world haitus. I am considering starting back. I had thought that my life was much too boring to blog about. Now I think there is almost more excitement than one little ol me can handle. Some good, some bad. With that said, be on the look out for more blogging from me. I know you can hardly wait. HAHA!!