Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Let me just say Thank You to morning naps.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Butter Pecan Pound Cake

1 pkg. butter pecan cake mix3/4 c. oil1 c. water1/4 chopped pecans(I didn't have any the icing is enough for me)1 can coconut pecan frosting4 eggs.Grease bundt pan. Combine cake mix, eggs, oil and water. Mix 2 minutes or until smooth. Add frosting to batter; mix well. Pour into pan. Bake 350 degrees for 55 minutes, until brown. ENJOY!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Technically it is Tuesday I am always behind!

Monday: Philly Cheese Steak sandwich with chips (recipe below)
Tuesday: Potato Soup with Cornbread
Wednesday: Whatever Mrs. Joann cooks at church (hallelujah)
Thursday: Chicken stew to be ready after Lexy Lane is finished cheering
Friday: Date night with Mr. Howell....girls are on their own
Saturday: Hot wings and frito salad (if everyone will be home)
Sunday: lunch- Crossroads
dinner- tailgate service at church. I think I am taking apple taffy pizza, heart attacks on
a stick, not sure what else.
Then it will be time to plan have a cook and a maid....ahhh the life it would be!

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

I posted this photo on my facebook last night. Now I will tell you all about it (contain your excitement). This was taken from a Pampered Chef cookbook, remember I used to sell that stuff. So I am not writing the recipe, I am writing the "tweeked" version that makes my house happy.
2 cans of refrigerated pizza crust
1 lb of roast beef (deli slices is what I use)
2 blocks of Monterrey pepper jack cheese
Roll out one crust flat. Place the sandwich meat all over it, covering it well. Grate the cheese and sprinkle one block all over it. Then start with one side and begin rolling (jelly roll style). I have cooked just one before and cooked it straight like a sub. But to feed more I make the other crust the same way and put it on my round stone to cook. I then rub egg white all over the crust to make it turn golden brown while cooking.
Bake at 400 degrees about 25 minutes.
My family doesn't really like bell peppers and some don't like onions. So what I do is just saute onions and mushrooms to eat poured on top of my sandwich. If every one likes these you can roll these in the sandwich as well. This feeds 4 people (healthy Howell size servings).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Great News! Jacoby came home Friday evening. He is doing great. Brant and Jacey took him for a check up today at the pediatrician. He is at 6lbs. 2ozs. I was a little worried, because he isn't interested in eating at all. But he is growing and his same speedy pace. Last night he kept Jacey up most of the night. She wasn't a happy camper when leaving for school today. She is tired. I told her when he was in the hospital, we may be tired of driving over, but she doesn't know tired until it is her having to take care of him at night.

If you know me, you know I am as far from OCD as one can possibly get. But since he has gotten home, I feel like Babies R Us threw up in our living room, well my whole house. I have had baby supplies around for years, but not to this extreme. I just walk in and look and can a body that small require so much STUFF?! It feels like my house is shrinking as I type. Don't get me started on my kitchen. I am just much stuff...EVERYWHERE. He is still one of the most perfect sites I have ever laid my eyes on.

I think eventually I will blog about a different topic. Lets start with this.

*Brant is on his second week out of work. If you remember the economy STINKS right now. I keep hoping everyday that he will get a call for work. While I am so glad he is here to help out with Jacoby and doctor appointments, I can't help but get those tension headaches that come with not being sure where the bill money will come from. I try not to complain and whine too much because somehow it always works out. I remember to look around and know that people are worse off than we are. He has also started back with the choir at church after about a year away. We all know that makes him happy.

*Mallory is still going to college. Not sure if I ever posted that she quit her job at the orthopaedic clinic. While it was the best job for a college student (no nights and weekends). She was having a hard time balancing the schedule in the summer, so she is back at Burger Chick. She used to hate there, until she worked a job of filing and not many people around. Now she appreciates that place, because she is never bored.

*Jacey, I believe you have the update on her.

*LexyLane has decided to do recreation cheer leading this year (as I gag). We have had 2 cheerleaders, I really was hoping for her to be our ball player. She still says she will play basketball, only time will tell. She is LOVING cheering. Saturday after our game in Bremen one of her friends (on Bremen's team) moms said, after the halftime show....where did she get those moves? She was a rock star! I said of course they came from me, NOT REALLY! I put her in dance class at 4 years old. After watching a few practices and seeing the price sheet of all that stuff, I decided she could dance perfectly well in her own bedroom. That is what she has done since she could walk. I always hear her dancing and she does just fine teaching herself. I have been pretty impressed by her this football season. Sooooo, it is looking like cheerleader #3 has sprung. Have mercy!

Fall is in the air and that makes me smile. Halloween is my LEAST favorite, but I do love the weather that is coming around that time. Then it is Thanksgiving which is my FAVORITE holiday.

So Happy Fall Ya'll.
See, I am trying to be better at blogging.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The light at the end of the tunnel

The little man is getting very close to being home, where he belongs. Since he has been born life has been different. There seems to be NO routine anymore. I don't know from one day to the next if I am going to the hospital or not. The only thing I can count on is Jacey is going everyday regardless. If she has someone else ride with her, I don't go. If she doesn't then I get to go see him. I would love to see him everyday. But in reality 2 hours on the road and a couple of hours there takes all evening. When that happens it means that I have little time to be with LexyLane, and she needs me too. Jacey has stopped working at Crossroads, which required her to work every weekend. She now works for an embroidery business that is M-F 12-6. When she started this job we were thinking how nice it would be for her to be off on the weekends. But wow, working until 6 everyday has been a load for her. She goes to school until 11:30 then straight to work. At 6 she gets off and comes home for a couple of minutes, to eat. Then it is off to the hospital. She gets there at about 8 and stays until 9:30 or 10, then the hour drive home. She wakes up the next day and does it all over again. She has amazed me. This week she ask to start getting off at 4 so she could make it over to feed him 2 bottles one at 6 one at 9. When we went over Tuesday evening they told us that they think he will be home sometime this week. We are thrilled! Jacey told me she was so glad I was with her when she got that news. That makes a mom's heart smile. She feeds him at 6 and at 6:30 we are booted out of the hospital for shift change until 8. So you can see that visits with Jacoby can be frustrating. I am hoping that as I type that his feeding tube is removed. He is supposed to be able to have it taken out once he has 8 feedings that he doesn't require any to go through the tube, meaning he takes the entire bottle by mouth. He did that yesterday. We are thinking he will be home sometime Saturday. Strange how some of the hardest news for a parent (that your 16 year old is expecting a baby) can turn into one of the most exciting times of your life. Right after we found out, the rumors started flying. We live in a very small town where everyone knows your business. A friend of mine called and said another lady was saying, "Brant and Cindy are excited about Jacey having a baby." I was amazed at how people talk. I said go back to her, I don't care who she is, and tell her what is there not to be excited about. Our girl is an extremely good and intelligent girl, she will be an amazing mother. So what that she is 16, that is her path to take, no one else's and it will not effect her in the least....we promise. So yes we are excited. I mean REALLY as a parent what are you supposed to do? I love my kids EACH ONE to pieces! I loved Jacey no less after finding out the news. It breaks my heart to see the part of childhood that she is missing. But thrills me to no end how she has faced the challenge before her. I wasn't mad at the girl who wanted to get a rise out of me. I remembered that I have said cruel things through the years also, out of ignorance. Jacey had to face plenty of challenges from classmates judgement, the judgement from adults is the least of her concern. She is a beautiful girl who has started an adult life early. She will continue to be a success in whatever she does, I have no doubt. We just can't wait to get Jacoby home and some semblance of a routine back in our lives.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Jacoby's grand entrance

I said that I would give you the story of Jacoby's arrival. First let me tell you how his name is pronounced, it sounds like Ja Kobe, not Jacob with a y. Anyway, now you know.

As you may know our kids went back to school on August 3rd. Jacey came home that afternoon, dragging. She was complaining that her back was hurting. Me being the very uncompassionate mother that I am said, "you laid around all summer, sitting in those desks will kick your fanny". It was a Tuesday so she was able to lay around and rest that evening. Again Wednesday morning, complaining that her back was hurting. Again I am unsympathetic. I mean REALLY, she isn't the only person to ever be pregnant! Wednesday afternoon she looked like she had about had it. She said there weren't enough desks in chemistry so she had to sit on a stool the entire class. I told her to not do that again, she needs support for her back. We get ready and go to church. When we were having dinner I looked across the fellowship hall at Jacey. She was propped on the table looking miserable. I told my friend that Jacey would have to quit working because I didn't see how she could handle school, work and pregnancy. At this point I am feeling really bad for her, because I can see how bad she is feeling. We go do our classes at church and come home. I immediately come in and start mopping. Jacey comes to me and says that she is bleeding. I wasn't alarmed, due to the fact that I spotted during my pregnancy with her. I told her to call her doctor. As I walk into her room, I hear her doctor ask if she is having contractions. Until that point early labor had not crossed my mind. She tells him she doesn't know what they feel like, so he describes them and she says then yes she is having them. At that moment my legs turned to jello. We go to the ER. Then to the monitors and all that jazz. She is dilated to a 4. Her doctor comes in and says that the baby will be born within the next 24 hours. At that point I fall to pieces. And all the words I had said about her back hurting were running through my head. And all the guilt that goes with that. Her Dr. says that she has to be transported to either Cobb or Columbus. Since Carrollton doesn't have a NICU to take care of a baby born 13 weeks early. I pray for Cobb. They tell me I can't ride in the ambulance with her. This is hard for any mother, especially the mother of a 16 year old. Then again God showed up. Cobb could take her, my brother was off and came to the hospital when I called him. The ambulance arrives and is ready. My brother tells the other paramedics he is driving her. An old friend heard Jacey was at the hospital and came in to be the nurse to ride to Cobb with her rather than the nurse who was planning to ride. Jacey is strapped down on the stretcher, I am getting things ready to go and my brother says come on you ride up front with me. RELIEF! She was perfectly fine the whole ride over, but I would have went insane in our car trying to get to the hospital.

Arrival at Cobb. The mid wife seemed to think they could keep Jacoby inside for about 3 weeks. She said her being dilated to a 4 was no real big deal. They would keep Jacey from delivering. I felt that they had seen this tons of times before and thought, we will be here for a long long time. We are all exhausted (expecially Jacey). I left to come home to pack up the things we would be needing. I left Brant and Hunter with her. I guess I got home around 3 am. I had decided to take LexyLane to school and then go back to the hospital. I laid down to sleep. At about 4 Brant called me and said she was dilated to a 10 the medicine hadn't stopped the labor process. He said she would be delivering soon. I jump in the shower in an attempt to wake me up before my hour drive. With a wet head I am back on the road.

Jacey delivered a ray of sunshine at 10:46 a.m. He was 2lbs 12ozs. 15 3/4in long. He came into this world screaming. Perfect in appearance, just incredibly small. The doctors and nurses have been very impressed with the little fighter. We have been just as impressed. I have also been amazed with my beautiful daughter. She was in labor 2 days! She never one time complained other than the discomfort. When the contractions were hitting her the hardest she just grabbed the rail of the bed and grimmaced her face. I said baby you can scream if it will help your feelings. That girl is incredibly strong!

I had ask what caused early delivery. I was told that sometimes we never know. Apparently they test the placenta to try to determine the cause. When Jacoby was born, I heard the doctor say no need to send the placenta. The nurse ask why. He said that Jacey's placenta had began detaching there was a blood clot formed. Now looking back, now that I have caught my breath. I realize that Jacoby coming early could have very well saved my daughters life. We have babies everyday and with little regard to the danger. In these days and times we rarely hear about a mother not surviving. So with all of God's showing off, I am very thankful that I have a perfectly healthy daughter and a grand son who is fighting as hard as he can to be home with his mommie. Until then we wait patiently.

Jacey returned to school one week after Jacoby was born and to work 2 weeks after. She is tired, but she realizes her responsibilities. She does all this and visits Jacoby everyday. She missed last Thursday and Friday due to work. She went last night late and will not be able to go tonight because of work. I know that the long drive is tiring for her, but she wants to see him everyday possible, and what mother doesn't want to see their babies everyday.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jacey and her little man

I know I have been horrible at blogging for a long time. Here is hoping I can improve. But between school for me and my kids, working everyday, a precious new grandson who is still in the hospital an hour away.....I just haven't made time to do it. Give me time to get things more settled and calm....bahaha....well let me get some sort of routine, and I will be back. Until then look at my gorgeous little mama. I will have to post more pictures of Jacoby and more stories later. For now there are snacks to fix, babies to feed, homework to finish, dinner to cook and so on and so understand.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bullet point post

Since it has been so long since I have blogged, there are many areas to cover. What better way than to use the bullet points, here goes....

*Brant-His work has gotten very slow. I actually don't remember the last time he worked a 5 day week. It was pretty nice having him around at the end of the school year. He was able to attend most of the activities at school with me. But I would be lying if I said it doesn't make me nervous. Between me having no children to watch and him working less and tends to worry. I get out the checkbook and the bills and sometimes just stare blankly is that going to work?? Then I remember that God provides food for the birds. Then I stop worrying. So far it always works out. That, I am thankful for. I can't help think even in times like these, we are blessed. We may never know why God has chosen to let us spend so much time together, but I am enjoying it. I do pray that his work improves as well as the many many others who are suffering through this tough economy.

*Mallory-She is still working and going to school. The girl has a plan and a time in which she plans to complete her plan. So in doing this it requires that she go to school all summer. Because of this choice she has made, she will not be able to go on vacation with us this year. I am SAD about that. She instead will be able to get away a few days with friends later in the summer. I am sure being an 18 year old this will be the much more enjoyable choice for HER, not so much her mom. Like I said last year, I knew these times were coming. That is why I spent last summer drinking her in every opportunity I could.

*Jacey-She is doing well, beginning to show a little. She has her job that she HATES, not that there is a problem at her work place, it is the fact that the girl HATES working. She will be going on vacation with us this summer. She made sure she ask off tonight when she worked. She can't wait! She plans to be able to find out the sex of the baby next month. Here is hoping that he/she is cooperative with that process. I never found out what my babies were....I felt like there weren't enough surprises left in life, so I wanted to wait for that surprise. I am glad I did. But now I am so excited to find out what hers is. It is funny how when something is going on in your own family you start noticing every one else. I don't see a stroller that I don't talk to the baby. I notice babies everywhere. So I guess you could say I am getting ready to be Grandma, Grammy, who ever the baby calls me.

*LexyLane-She is doing her normal summer routine already. Almost one week into summer and she hasn't missed a beat. She either has on her pj's or her swim suit. I honestly don't know why I would spend money on her any summer clothes. She is a complete fish. She could swim 24/7. So that is what we have already been doing alot of. We have several friends and family members with pools. So when we wear out our welcome one place, we will find the next one to go to. She won a basketball camp back in the winter and will be attending in June. It is a day camp in Atlanta. She will stay with Brant's aunt that week since she lives near the college she will be going to. She is SO excited. She isn't nervous at all about going and not knowing anyone there. She is such a unique kid. I can already feel the dark depression coming on with her not home. I may go stay with her...HAHA, just joking. I can do this, I can do this....if I say it over and over will it make it true?

*ME-I am registered for my classes. I think they start July 8th. Right now they are online classes. These are classes that I have to take to get my daycare license. I am thinking when I finish this, I may find another area and just continue going for a while. I am pretty excited about using my brain again.
I have a parent meeting next week, and should start keeping that child around the first of July. I already have another one signed up for August and of course J's baby coming in the fall. I of course would like to have 3 more, but God will only send what he knows is best for me. This past year has been the most upside down year that I can ever remember. I am so THANKFUL things are getting back to normal. This time with no little ones has really made me realize how much I love what I do. I love those kiddos that I care for on a daily basis like I love my own kids. And with each one that I have lost this year, if feels like little holes in my heart. And I have lost kids from all types of reasons. And I have to admit the last one has almost killed me. My world revolved around him, especially since he was the only one. Whatever he wanted to do, is exactly what we would do that day. But his mom wanted him to have playmates. I guess I can understand.....but I have missed him so bad.
Vacation is coming soon. We are going to Panama City Beach again this year. I can almost taste me some Sharky's. We got a great deal on a condo through We have 8 nights for under 900.00. Then when vacation is over I hope that our work routines get more back to normal.
*I am sure I have so much more to share but my brain just went blank. Maybe I will get back on here before another month passes.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Much anticipated pictures....not!

As you can see in the top wonderful trim job that matched the walls. Let me remind you again....mistake! Below is the after picture with the beige with white trim. I know, it is kind of boring. After such wild colors and chaos in that room, I am pretty ready for boring. The tables were my parents. Everyone in the family says those are ugly don't use those. I am not sentimental, but practical. While they may not be the prettiest. They have some awesome big deep drawers. I love drawers and cabinets...does that make me weird? Anyway to keep from buying new, use the old. Especially since I like the old. I may be the only one who lives here who likes them, but oh well. Wouldn't Dave Ramsey be proud? Now to just accessorize the room. That I am not in a big hurry for either. Like I said ready for boring. It has been full of toys and noise for so long. I think I will just enjoy the fresh coat of paint until I am inspired to do something different. I know I would like to have some lamps on those tables, but those will have to wait. If only I hadn't given my parents lamps to Goodwill. Now those could have been called ugly by my kids! Trust me, if I still had them, I would be using them.
I started painting the playroom Tuesday. I finished it last night. I think this is the 3rd time it has been painted in 8 years. I am hoping I don't get the wild hair to do that room again anytime soon. I had painted it first with one green wall and the rest were blue. Then with kids in and out constantly you can imagine what the walls look like over time. So I repainted the same color later. Only the second time I painted, I was too lazy to do the trim in white. So I just painted the trim the same color as the wall (mistake). It took me forever to get that blasted trim back to white. So now my playroom that is being converted into a den is boring beige with white trim. It actually looks like an adult room. Now to just get it put back together....sigh.

We walked every evening last week until Friday. I voted that Friday was recess day. So on recess day we eat cake too. I baked a caramel cake...yum. The only problem with that is that today is Monday and recess day has passed and there is still half of a cake in my kitchen. I will not rest until that pan is empty! And you know how it gets empty....everytime I walk through the kitchen I just take a bite....all day. Lets see how many hours of walking will be required to get all that off?? Maybe I should throw it out....HAHA not going to happen.

Saturday Brant and I went to the Kirk Cameron marriage conference. We loved it. He in just too funny, then he can be so serious. Said alot of things we already knew....but forget to practice sometimes. We went with a group from another church and had a blast with them. So all in all, it was a good week last week,and a great weekend. I think the weather being so nice helps with all that too. I am looking forward to this week and seeing what it holds. If I remember I will post a picture of the room before painting and after. But that is IF I remember...we know how my memory is.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So the allergies never let up on Friday. So guess who got my ticket? That's right...LexyLane! She had a blast. I guess it isn't so bad, I got to enjoy her for a few days at the beach and he got her for a game. She was the center of our world when we just had her to ourselves. That is always nice. She loved the game. Her school chorus will be singing at the Rome Braves game in a few weeks, so she is really pumped about that, after the Atlanta Braves.

We had a nice Easter around here. The only downside was that Jacey had to work. She gets to go to church with us on Sunday, just leave a little early to make it to work on time. I am still thankful that she has a job. I just hope that the value of a dollar registers with her soon. But that is wishful thinking I am sure. I have no idea how Mallory has been so frugal. Jacey is just like me. If we have 5 dollars to our name we will try our best to spend 8. Mallory if she has 5 dollars she will hold onto it until she has like 25 and can afford to let go of 5. But back to Easter....we had lunch at Brant's moms. Then the little ones did an egg hunt. I ask LexyLane before we went if she would be hunting eggs. No, mom...of course she did hunt eggs...but I am betting this is the last year for that. Sad how time flies. After all that Brant, Mallory, Justin and me went riding in the jeep. It couldn't have been a more perfect day in GA!

I now have no kiddos to keep. Wow how things change in the matter of a few months. So the question I get a job outside of the house? Or do I pinch pennies here and wait for Jacey's baby to get here and just keep it and whoever else calls between now and then? Funny how when things are running smoothly it can change in the blink of an eye. All that is just a story that would feel like reading a novel if I went into all of it. Just know that I miss all of my little kiddos and am not a big fan of whoever thought they needed to get into my and others in towns business. I mean really, do we all not have enough going on in our own households! I will stay out of your business....STAY OUT OF MINE!!! Any way now that I have vented.

Now that I am here alone I have TOO much time on my hands. Today I am going to paint the playroom, and make it a den. I will probably have pictures to bore you with.

Oh and I think this week officially marks the start of walking regularly again. Just to work into a jog faster than last year. I can get so aggrivated with myself for taking such a long break 4 months. In 4 months your body can really betray you! The jeans aren't working quiet as well as they were 4 months ago. But that is going to change....I am sure of it....I think??

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We all probably consider trips from time to time and don't follow through. Or maybe that is just me. I am queen of thinking something is a good idea until the time comes then I start thinking....nah, I think I will just stay home. Well my cousin Mary Ellen and I had been talking about going to the beach on spring break. I promised myself years ago to NEVER do that again. It is just too cold still on spring break to have on a swim suit. If you know me, you know I have been dying to sink my toes in some sand. So the time came and we really followed through with the trip. Let me back up...Mary Ellen was out of work on Friday before spring break began with the swine flu. But us being crazy women, we loaded up and headed to Florida in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday. I felt like I had been attacked by some pollen the whole ride down. Sore throat, stopped up know, typical allergy season. The people on the trip were me, LexyLane, Mary Ellen, her 3 daughters, one of Sophie's friends and her mom. As with most trips that involve multiple females it didn't come without drama. Won't go into that, just know if you are female, you know there was drama. We stayed 2 nights had planned to be there 3. I am a home body....I love the beach, but in very small doses. I was so ready to get home, I couldn't stand it on Thursday morning. We did leave a little earlier than planned maybe 12 hours early and most of those hours would have only been spent sleeping, so it is all good.
I enjoyed being able to spend that time with just me and LexyLane. I only regret never doing that with each of the other 2 girls. When they were little it was never me and just one, I always seemed to have them both. But easy it is to just go somewhere and take one child. She never complained, never argued, she was the perfect child (can you tell I am her mom).
So we are home, the 2 sick women who left town for a short get away. Mary Ellen went to the doctor this morning and got 2 shots. I have laid in bed all far. Just took some good drugs and hope to sleep for a few hours and be able to breathe and not cough my head off when I wake up. Brant and I are going to the Braves game bring on some baseball stadium food....woo hoo. I am not a big fan of baseball, would rather watch a basketball game anyday. But I will go on a date with my man and let him watch the game while I watch people. I am looking forward to it, I just hope to feel human while I am know I will let you all know.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not much going on here.

Today has been a rainy, snowy, yucky Monday.  Need I remind you that just Friday and Saturday Georgia saw some great days?  Mother nature and her sense of humor!  So I am wondering if I will ever be able to get started back walking outside.  I love to walk in town and look at houses and talk while I walk.  But last year we mostly went to the high school track.  It gets the job done but round round and round can get boring.  When the weather gets warmer it starts being pretty fun to go there too.  There will be lots of people there so if you get bored with one person you can find another walking partner.  I can never keep up with Brant.  Once he starts running he is a power house.  We just have to get back that dedication.  By the time we stopped walking/running in November I just had gotten where I could run one lap without stopping, which is 1/4 of a mile….pitiful I know, but I was proud.  Brant on the other hand can pretty much run 5 miles.  So he is constantly lapping me.  So tonight with this slop…I am going to try my best to force myself to get on that horrid treadmill.  Friday and Saturday has finally kicked me into the vacation mindset.  So with that in mind gotta get to walking again! 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Haralson County Relay for Life

Team Twilight from 2009 Relay for Life they raised almost 4000.00 last year for the fight against cancer. Please help them meet their goal this year.

Again this year Mallory has a team of her friends raising money for the HC Relay for Life. Last year if you remember they were Team Twilight, this year they are Team Tink...they are all about being princesses. They will be sporting Tinkerbell shirts and tiara's. I am not sure how Mallory's boyfriend will feel about the tiara. If you would like to donate to this incredible cause please click on the link above. Remember that this isn't for Mallory it is for the fight against cancer. If cancer has had an impact on your life you can appreciate what these kids are doing. If cancer has never touched your life more than likely it will in some way. I realize that Relay for Life has their walks in your towns. So give your support to Mallory's team by clicking the link above or give your donation to your local Relay for Life. I hope one day we see the cure for cancer...until then lets help those who need it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Some things just have to be told.

Ok ok...I haven't been the best mommie to LexyLane. When Mallory and Jacey were little I worked at the bank near their school. So I would periodically go have lunch with them. I went to EVERY special occasion at the school. I was an A+ mom back then. Then I had LexyLane, still great mom to M and J. I took LL to everything at the school. By the time LL got into school I was a stay home mom and I babysat. So going to school functions with her became more difficult. It isn't really much fun to go and have to lug 5 or 6 kids with you. So the small stuff like and random lunch or monthly awards days....I missed. She has gotten pretty used to me not being around. If Brant is ever off, he will normally try to have lunch with her. So of course he is the "best parent." Anyway, babysitting is almost non-existent now. I have one little boy that I watch 3 days a week. Which means....Mondays and Fridays are my play days. My me days, my do whatever I want to do days...blah blah blah. So Wednesday night Brant realized that Friday would be one of those blessed days. So he asks LL, "do you want mama to come eat with you Friday?" As I am rolling my eyes at him....I mean I don't even know what is on the menu. The only times I would eat with the other two was when it was peanut butter sandwich and veggie soup day. There is no better peanut butter sandwich than a school one....anywho....I wanted to smack him, but I just smiled as LL said yes. So this morning she reminds me of my obligation. At lunch I went to eat with my baby girl. Who is all smiles because I am there....I have missed so much by having a house full of everyone else's children. Lunch was pizza and a sad excuse for salad. I just sat with her while she ate.

Anyway the all important thing that I have to say. The sweet lunchroom monitor lady...whatever her title is....walked over to the table and ask LL who I was. She proudly says her mama. The sweet sweet (apparently blind lady) looks at me and says there is no way you are old enough to have a child this old (10). I smile so big (lunch just turned great). Then my sweet girl pipes up...she has one 16 and one 18. The lady looks shocked...haha! These are the priceless moments that one lives for. So glad that I got to visit with LexyLane and make her day happy, and so glad that sweet sweet (blind) lady petted my ego a little bit. I am posting a picture of today...sorry it is blurry, LL's friend took it for us. But as you can see....I definitely look old enough to have an 18 year old....bless her sweet heart for making my day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally finished LL's room

I know you have all been waiting with much anticipation to see how LexyLane's room turned out. Well below are the pictures. My out door trash can is full. 3 bags ready for good will. 2 bags ready to "hide" just to make sure I didn't remove something that she will miss terribly. Her walls still have her posters hung (just the way she likes them, along with her bulletin board). I never let the other 2 hang stuff all over their walls. I never let the other 2 eat in their rooms, I never let the other 2 do arts and crafts in their room (such as pants, markers, play-doh). I guess that is the benefit of being the baby. We lived in a much older house when the other 2 were little, but they had their rules. Then we move in here to a new house with new everything. I let my 2 year old (then) do whatever she pleased in her room. HUM maybe that is why her room ends up in the shape it does?? I noticed the back of her door has new marks (crayons, markers) that I didn't notice last time, when I noticed marks on her wall. She wants her room painted and new bedding. Hum...I don't think so. Especially when on her Hannah Montana comforter, that she had had less than a year.....I noticed holes. I thought, weird...maybe it is from the shiny paint stuff on it. NOPE it was from a crafty 8 year old (at the time) with her scissors. I tell her when she can take care of her things she will get new things. She may still be using Hannah Montana when she is 20! Funny thing is, she HATES pink. Maybe if she wants a change....she should listen to her mother...ya think?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

LexyLane's cave

Ok ok I know I am overloading you. But I have to show you just how bad things have gotten. But please remember this room belongs to 10 year old who loves to hibernate in her own little cave. She was such a neat freak baby....where did she go? My goal tonight or over the weekend is to do a major shoveling out of her room. Can she come stay with you while I do? Because everything is her "favorite." In fact when I last "shoveled" out her room, she never missed a thing. So here it is. Thankfully this is the ONLY room in the house that looks this bad.

Making myself accountable

Sorry to load you down on my first day back with so much to read, but you know I will probably go days or weeks between posts sometimes.

First, I have let so much go in the past several months. It is time to tighten the reigns and get things back together. First is Brant and I haven't walked or jogged since November. Please Lord, bring on spring. Cindy's waist line has suffered these past few months! And you probably know that I love Dave Ramsey. Dave on the other hand would probably not be happy if he knew we just purchased a jeep. But the debt diet and for real diet are topics for another day. Number 3 of the things let go has been my house. I think it is this cold dark weather. Who wants to clean? So I have closets, drawers, cabinets and so much more that need a major over haul. So you my bloggy peeps get to witness this. HA HA, if I actually do it. If I fail....I just won't post. Then you will know too.

Ahem....first order of business. Got started back on my fly lady this morning I love her! I have just wanted to push her off a cliff from time to time. So I am really trying to fall back in love with her. So first baby step first...above you see the after picture and then the before picture. I don't know why it uploaded like just with it...LOL The before picture is what I normally see in the mornings. The dishes are washed...just NEVER put away. So the after picture is my goal from now on. Not only to get them washed but to make that area look better to wake up to. That will probably just make me smile inside to walk into a not just cleaned up kitchen but a kitchen with everything put away. I will let you know if that works or not.


This is our Jacey in the green shirt. She and a friend were having to do a project for school, so that is the reason for these photos. Normally Jacey avoids the camera. So I am glad her teacher made her do this, now you can see how beautiful she is. I looked at the pictures and thought they were really pretty of her, so decided to use these to share about her. Jacey is our middle daughter she is 16. Two weeks ago today she told us that we are going to be grandparents. Now while this isn't what I had planned for her, it doesn't change how we feel about her. She is our daughter and we love and adore her. She is a great girl who will just become a mother before we ever thought she would. If you know Jacey, you know how much she loves. She loves the elderly, she loves animals, and she loves children. She has always had an overdose of compassion for these. I have no doubt that she will be a great mother. She just has a hard path ahead of her. She has 2 more years of high school left. The plan as it stands now is for her to continue living with us and finish school. Her boyfriend is in college and will be a part of the babies life. They are not getting married at this time. In a perfect world they will get married a few years down the road, when they are better able to provide for themselves. But we all know the world isn't perfect, so we will just have to wait and see what the future holds. Right now what we are doing as a family is recognizing the fact that we have a little one who will join us sometime near Halloween. We will love and take care of Jacey to the best of our abilities, and when the little miracle gets here we will just have another person to share that love and care with. Some have made comments that we are "excied about Jacey being pregnant." Don't you love how people have nothing better to do that worry about your life! So to clarify that comment. We are NOT excited that our 16 year old is pregnant and that her life has just taken a dramatic change. However we are excited that our daughter is a great girl. We are excited about meeting that bundle of joy. We are excited about watching our daughter becoming a mother, regardless of her age. We can not change what is. She is going to have a baby regardless of how we respond. If we rant, rave, cry does not change what is. If we love her unconditionally (which parents do) she will always remember that. We all have goals in our minds for our children. I still see no reason why she can't achieve those goals. She just may be a bit slower at it. She is a fortunate girl, in she has a family who loves her to pieces (immediate and extended) and a church family who loves and supports her. She has a warm bed to sleep in at night and the security of knowing we are here for her. We have all stood in judgement of people at one time or another. It has taken me alot of years to learn this statement that my friend has always said, "choose your words sweet as you never know which ones you will eat." Circumstances over the past few years have humbled me. And I realize that none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. Some are more visible than others. Who am I to judge anyone. We are all in this rat race together.

Anyway this is my most current Jacey story. I am sure I will have many more to come. As many more Mallory and LexyLane stories also.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Maybe blogging again??

I have taken a nice long bloggy world haitus. I am considering starting back. I had thought that my life was much too boring to blog about. Now I think there is almost more excitement than one little ol me can handle. Some good, some bad. With that said, be on the look out for more blogging from me. I know you can hardly wait. HAHA!!